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Input by Mind Map: Input

1. Voice Input

1.1. voice input is the process of entering input by speaking into a microphone

1.2. voice recognition is the computer's capability of distinguishing spoken words

1.3. audio input is the process of entering any sound into the computer

2. Video Input

2.1. video input is the process of capturing full-motion images and storing them on computer's storage medium

2.1.1. Web cam

2.1.2. Video conference

3. Scanners and Reading Devices

3.1. Optical character recognition (OCR) involves reading characters from ordinary documents

3.2. turnaround document is a document you return to the company that creates and sends it

3.3. Optical mark recognition (OMR) reads hand-drawn marks such as small

3.4. Bar code reader, also called a bar code scanner uses laser beams to read bar codes

4. Biometric input

4.1. Biometrics authenticares a person's identity by verifying a personal characteristic

4.1.1. fingerprint reader

4.1.2. hand geometry system

4.1.3. iris recognition system

5. The Keyboard

5.1. ergonomic keyboard has a design that reduces the chance of wrist and hand injuries

5.2. insertion point, also known as the cursor, is a symbol on the screen that indicates where the next character you type will appear

5.3. key board on mobile devices typically are smaller and / or have fewer keys

5.4. keyboard is an input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into a computer

6. Touch Screen and Touch-Sensitive Pads

6.1. Touch Screen is touch-sensitive display device

7. Pen Input

7.1. you touch a stylus or digital pen on a flat surface to write, draw, or make selections

8. Pointing Devices

8.1. Mouse

8.1.1. Mouse is a pointing device that fits under the palm of your hand comfortably

8.1.2. Mouse can be ried or wireless

8.2. Other Pointing Devices

8.2.1. Trackball

8.2.2. Touchpad

8.2.3. Pointing Stick

9. Game Controllers

9.1. Video games and computer games use a game controller as the input device that directs movements and actions of on-screen objects

9.1.1. Gamepads

9.1.2. Joystick and wheels

9.1.3. Light gun