Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying by Mind Map: Cyber Bullying

1. Cyber Bullying Definition

1.1. Check Out Wikipedia's Cyber Bullying Defintion

1.2. What Is It? Informative Website

2. Social Networking Sites

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. Check Out This Article

2.2. Bebo

2.3. Myspace

2.4. CBBC

2.5. Club Penguin

2.6. Twitter

3. How Can It Happen?

3.1. Mobile Phones, E - Mails, Websites, Blogs, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, Social Network Sites

3.2. New node

4. Preventing Cyber Bullying

4.1. Youtube Video - Advice & Help

4.2. Ten Top Tips To Prevent Cyber Bullying

4.3. Parents Advice Website

5. Teachers

5.1. Website On How To Teach Children How To Use The Internet Safely.

5.2. Anti Bullying Week

5.3. 1 In 7 Teachers Are Victims Of Cyber Bullying

5.4. Safer Internet Day 9th Feb

5.5. Teacher's Guide To Using Facebook

6. Pupils

6.1. Effects Of Cyber Bullying

6.1.1. Children Have Commited Suicide

6.1.2. Video On The Effects Of Bullying

6.1.3. Children Have Self Harmed

6.1.4. Children Have Devloped Eatting & Mental Disorders