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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. Useful Links

1.1. This site gives help and supprt to those who are being cyberbullied.

1.2. This ste has information about types of bullying.

1.3. This site is for teachers to get information to on how to support the children, how to identiy cyberbullying and a twitter feed to a conversation about cyberbullying.

1.4. This link has resource packs for schools, parents/ carers and children dealing with cyberbullying.

2. "The school yard bullies beat you up and then go home, the cyberbullies beat you up at home, at grandma's house, where every you're connected to technology." (Parry Aftab Internet safety expert and privacy lawyer.)

3. Raising awareness of cyberbullying

3.1. Watch the video showing celebrities raising awareness.

4. Julianne's Story

5. "For every negative comment you make to somebody, it takes a thousand good comments to undo that one negative comment," Ann Brownell

6. Types of Cyberbullying

6.1. Threatening or upsetting emails

6.2. Bullying through instant messenger and chat rooms

6.3. Humiliating and abusive texts or video messages by mobile phone

6.4. Interactive gaming: abuse other players and use threats, lock victims out of games spreading faulse rumours.

6.5. sending viruses.

6.6. Abusing personal information or photos: posting them without permission.

7. Effects of Cyberbullying

7.1. make you feel mentally vunerable, upset, scared, lonely and stressed.

7.2. Very hard to escape from because everyone has access.

7.3. round the clock bullying.

8. Stop, Block and Tell!!!

9. Social Networking Sites

9.1. Bebo

9.2. Facebook

9.3. My Space

9.4. Twitter

9.5. Habbo Hotel

9.6. Club Penguin