The Internet and World Wide Web

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The Internet and World Wide Web by Mind Map: The Internet and World Wide Web

1. Internet

1.1. Evolution

1.1.1. 1969 ARPANET becomes functional

1.1.2. 1984 ARPANET has more than 1,000 individual computers linked as hosts

1.1.3. 1986 NSF connects NSFnet to ARPANET and becomes known as the Internet

1.1.4. 1995 NSFNet terminates its network on the Internet and resumes status as research network

1.1.5. 1996 Internet2 is founded

1.1.6. Today More than 550 million hosts connect to the Internet

1.2. High-Speed Broadband Internet service

1.2.1. Cable Internet service

1.2.2. DSL

1.2.3. Fixed wireless

1.2.4. Cellular Radio Network

1.2.5. Fiber to the Premises (FTTP)

1.2.6. Wi-Fi

1.2.7. Satellite Internet Service

1.3. Acess Provider Free

1.3.1. ISP

1.3.2. OSP

1.3.3. WISP

1.4. Consist

1.4.1. IP Adress

1.4.2. Domain Name

1.4.3. DNS Sever

2. World Wide Web

2.1. Consist

2.1.1. Web Page Consist Home Page Link Downloading Web Adress and URL Tabbed Browsing Search tools Plug-in Multimedia E-commerce Other service

2.1.2. Web Site

2.1.3. Web Server

2.1.4. Web 2.0

2.1.5. Web Browser Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Safari Google Chrome