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Database Management by Mind Map: Database
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Database Management

Databases Data and Information


collection of data organized in a manner


collection of unprocessed items Text,Numbers


Processed data Documents,Audio,Images Video

The Hierarchy of Data

Data is organized in layers

A character is one byte

New node

File Processing Versus Databases

File processing system

Each department has its own set of files

Used for many years

Have data redundancy

Isolate data

Database approach

Programs and users share data

Reduce data redundancy

Improve data integrity

share data

Allows easier access

Reduces development time

Can be more volnerable

Maintaining Data


Alphabetic/Numenc check

Range check

Consisteney check

Completeness check

check digit

Cther checks

File maintenance

Adding records

Modifying records

Dleting records

Database Management Systems



Recovery utility

Continuous backup

Relational, Object-Oriented, and Multidimensional Databases

Multimedia database

Groupware database

Computer aided design database

Hypertext database

Web Databases

Databases on the Web allow you to

Shop for products or services

Buy or sell stocks

Search for a job

Make airline reservations

Register for college classes

Check semester grades