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permission marketing to replace QR Code by using dial up number


combines student schedules and electronic calendars into a single view. Premium features include, integration to e-learning platforms and sports information, allowing students to manage coursework assignments and monitor event activities.


Aurasma 3D-I is a platform that visually augments the physical world by inserting 3D objects into everyday settings. Leveraging Aurasma’s powerful image recognition technology, the smart phone's camera understands what it sees and then seamlessly overlays video, animations and objects


Bime cloud Business Intelligence makes diving into big and far-flung data sets intuitive and fun. With Bime V3.0, even small and medium-size enterprises can mine their own business with a powerful cloud BI service that turns big data into big dollars, fast. For the first time, its QueryBlender lets users connect the dots between disparate, live data sets, no matter whether they reside on a local drive or web services.


BringShare is an online tool that helps businesses measure their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost effectively. It presents marketing initiatives – including social media, email marketing, paid search, SEO and website performance – in one easy-to-comprehend view (or dashboard), revealing initiatives that produce ROI and those that don’t. BringShare generates highly intuitive reports faster than manual reporting. It significantly impacts the time and money invested in online marketing

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