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Journeys by Mind Map: Journeys

1. Use of Google earth and using historical maps to track journeys and then discuss differences in today and then. How would the journey be different today?

2. History

2.1. Darwin

2.2. Francis Drake

2.3. Christopher Columbus

2.4. Captian Cook

2.5. Brunel

3. ICT

3.1. Animations.

3.1.1. 3d

3.1.2. 2d using drawings

4. Science

4.1. Movement

4.2. Forces- children need to complete ramp experiment, children need to vary either height, weight, surface to increase the distance the vechial travels.

5. Art and Design

5.1. Drawings

5.2. Movement art- them in a journey

5.3. signs and symbols

6. Geography

6.1. Geo-tagging of a train journey- children have a digital camera and when they go on a journey take pictures from the windows which can then be geo-tagged.

6.1.1. Taking viewable pictures from a moving train is very tricky. Pictures from a journey made by train (i.e. destination) would be simpler

6.2. the children need to plan a journey using google maps to plan a route and any transport they need to use.

7. PE

7.1. Journeys- how to move and going on a journey

7.2. children need to design a sequence of movements, and perform them as a group sequence.

8. Music

8.1. create mood music to accompany a journey.

8.2. Radio? listening to a radio show on a journey.

8.3. Children recording podcast/radio show or audio diary

9. RE

9.1. Religious Journeys- Mecca, Noah

9.2. New node