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Barrel Racing by Mind Map: Barrel Racing
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Barrel Racing



The proper equipment needed for barrel racing and other useful tack., Use Faith and Ruffian to demo other tacks. Also use the store the store to show a wide variety of tack.

Proper Care

The proper care and attention needed to make a happy healthy horse.


The different feeds for different performances.


Starting Colts

The time and progression in starting colts under saddle and around barrels.


A couple of exercise to help improve maneuvers in barrel racing.

Turning a Barrel

The fundamentals and mechanics of turning the perfect barrel.

Getting Race Ready

Preparation for the big day, grooming, conditioning, and getting ready to hit the road!


Of Ranch

A tour of the layout and description of the place.

Out On The Trail

A walk out on the trails in the beautiful country.


spring 1

Where I started.


What I learned.


My final results.

Jr World

My final results.


Martha Josey

The History of how Martha Josey accomplished her goal

The Ranch

how the ranch got started and to where it is today