Focus - Plans & projects, and misc. annotations

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Focus by Mind Map: Focus

1. mind

1.1. business

1.1.1. covand network SSCP linux LPICI websites shifu jennifer self

1.1.2. csc sql E70-448 sas base 9 java?

1.2. education

1.2.1. infosys mtsu accounting ?

1.2.2. mandarin cereza good morning how are you what is your first name what is your last name lateralus

2. will

2.1. making

2.1.1. shelter birds bats guinea dogs

2.1.2. buildings fencing shed side deck back deck 2nd floor deck

2.2. organization

2.2.1. documents cvandeve insurance time work taxes budgets archives media misc solria plans production finance accounting inventory

2.2.2. projects garage wood table tool walls lights general clean door clearing fencing mushroom farm herb wheel tilling large pond small pond graveling drain pipes driveway kitchen countertops well pump general clean pond piping floor table fencing house decor fence east forest fence

3. Spirit

3.1. practices

3.1.1. ideas meanings reasons

3.2. contacts

3.2.1. family

3.2.2. friends

3.2.3. others

3.3. animals

3.3.1. dogs cats

3.3.2. guinea rabbits chickens fish goats

3.4. wife

3.4.1. children

4. body

4.1. kung fu

4.1.1. forms 18 elders shaolin shibazo babu duo gang vivis' form stick form ???

4.1.2. distance work-walks home-jogs

4.1.3. weights home-sets before-class-sets

4.2. skills

4.2.1. harvests skin meat leather fat bones

4.2.2. plantwork raising food preserving medicines

4.2.3. woodwork buildings carving

4.2.4. earth based masonry walls ponds large small

4.2.5. weapons .22 rifle 9mm pistol 20ga shotgun bow

4.3. health

4.3.1. journal

4.3.2. data