Naandi and communication

Capgemini Innovation Games 2008 - Naandi & Kommunikasjon - Team 11C

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Naandi and communication by Mind Map: Naandi and communication

1. Clarify Naandi's current communication strategy

1.1. Ask Naandi

1.2. Ask Capgemini contact group, Naandi-Com

1.3. Ask Anders Lier

1.4. Where to find information about Naandi?


2. How to create awareness of Naandi?

2.1. Street interviews in Lillehammer

2.1.1. Produce video together with NRK

2.1.2. Broadcast on NRK

2.1.3. Make video and further info available on YouTube


2.2. Collaboration with Nansen school at Lillehammer

2.3. Collaboration with Norad

2.4. "Where would you be without education?" webpage

3. How to receive donations?



3.2. PayPal


3.3. AdAware "donations" via Google advertising on webpages

4. How to make Naandi's work visible?

4.1. Facebook

4.1.1. Different languages

4.1.2. Other social networking sites MySpace Orkut LiveSpaces

4.1.3. Cross-post all stories and hopefully reach a larger audience

4.2. Webpage

4.2.1. Different languages

4.2.2. "Where would you be without education?"

4.2.3. Cross-post all stories and hopefully reach a larger audience

4.3. Discussion forum

4.3.1. Different languages

4.4. Newsfeeds (RSS, Feedburner, Google Alerts, etc.)

4.5. YouTube

4.6. Flickr

4.7. Podcasts

4.8. Distribute video reports via Miro feed

4.9. Newsletter via email subscription

4.10. Advertise using Google AdWords

4.10.1. Capgemini sponsor advertising?

4.11. Build on the content of the existing Wikipedia entry


5. Goals to achieve

5.1. Use of new collaboration tools

5.1.1. How you used technology and the Internet as the foundation of the task will count Google Groups GMail Google Docs Instant messaging

5.2. The suggestions and how the the suggestions are anchored in the general public.

5.2.1. Ref. "How to create awareness"

5.3. Who have you asked? How did you ask? How did you respond (to the task)?

5.3.1. Attempted initiating collaboration with other groups (working the "Capgemini way") Disinterested response! Move on, due to timeframe for the task

5.3.2. Ref. "Clarify Naandi's current communication strategy"

5.4. Specific use of media in the task instructions

5.4.1. Create a webpage (MySpace, MSN Space). Question people via Facebook. Place a video on YouTube.