x.2: Object Organisation and Classification

The BEC program, x version 2, of the Cretan matter waves group. This documents the organisation and classification of objects and computer files used within x.2. A description of the objects and basic information of their role is given, though this document does not describe the full architecture of x.2. Once complete, links to further documentation will be provided, specifying the programs architecture, and a full list and description of object methods currently used.

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x.2: Object Organisation and Classification by Mind Map: x.2: Object Organisation and Classification

1. backend

1.1. Controllers

1.1.1. HWController BECHWCBasic CameraManager CameraController SettingsManager CameraSettingsManager

1.2. Hardware interfaces

1.2.1. Channels Outputs Analog Output Digital Output Inputs Camera Acquisitor

1.2.2. Controllers AndorIKonTempController

1.3. Tools

1.3.1. Events SettingsEventManager CameraSettingsEventsManager CommandEvents CameraEventManager TempControllerEvents SnapperEvents HWControllerEvents ScriptEditorEvents

1.3.2. xml xmlNode XmlParser

1.3.3. Processors Interpreters CommandProcessor Settings Processors Compilers

1.3.4. Data Mapping DeviceData AoDeviceData DoDeviceData

1.3.5. File Systems FileNeologist FileSystem

1.3.6. Scripting DataPointScript ScriptEventList ScriptEvent PulseEvent SingleTone RampEvent

1.3.7. Database DeviceDataBase DeviceArray device AnalogDevice DigitalDevice ChannelArray Channel DigitalChannel HWConfiguration OutputConfiguration DatabaseGF

2. frontend

2.1. Experiment Runner

2.1.1. Script Editor Action Editor Action Panel

2.1.2. Static Output Editor

2.2. Camera

2.2.1. Setting Viewer Andor Setting Viewer IC Settings Viewer

2.2.2. Temperature Controller

2.2.3. Snapper

3. Files

3.1. Database

3.1.1. DeviceSettingsBEC1.xml

3.1.2. output_configurations.xml

3.2. Settings

3.2.1. CameraSettings.xml

3.2.2. ICCameraSettings.xml

3.3. Data

3.3.1. Scripting DataPoint Script xml Instrument Scripts xml Dio64 Ao32 Ao8 Daq S1010

3.3.2. Images Absorption Images Object 16bit TIF Reference 16bit TIF Background 16bit TIF Labview Processed Image 8bit TIF Fluorescence 16bit TIF