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What makes a good teacher by Mind Map: What makes
a good
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What makes a good teacher

Am i one?

How do i know

Standards Met

Learning achieved


Can cope

Gut feeling

Do the students agree

Do peers agree

Does my employer agree

What happens if i'm not

How do i become one, Meet Standards, Improve


What happens if i am


Should i question if i am one?

How do i avoid not being one


Change without reflection

Reactional, knee jerk change

Does profound change happen without it?


Profound change

Equates to changing expectations

Continually moving goal posts, Without support - Possible demoralisation, With support - improving practitioner




Good Mentor

What makes a good mentor

Definition of a good teacher

University Definition

Perfect Differentiation

Has been accepted onto PGCE/GTP course and fullfills subsequent criteria

A reflective practitioner

TDA Definition

Create an atmosphere of "mutual respect",

Opportunities for "active learning"

Ability to explain things clearly

More than knowledge and intellectual ability

"promote the active engagement of the learner".

Goverment definition

Applied National Curriculum

Applied National Strategies

Positive Ofsted reports

Every Child Matters

Steer Report

Student definition

Being defined as an ongoing process within the ITT

Appear confident

Secure behaviour management strategies

Good teacher pupil relationships

Able to bring to the classroom the background reasons for wanting to do ITT

When the child demonstrates something that you've taught them

When the child demonstrates learning is taking place

Employer definition

Positive Ofsted report

Potential student applications up

Behaviour, low exclusion rate

Society definition

Pillar of society

Positive influence

Able to induce learning

Dependant on social climate

My definition

When you feel you have made a positive difference to 'a' child's life

When you receive a 'thank you'

when students feel they can approach you

when you make good relationships with the kids

theory definition


Parent definition

What do i expect my child to achieve, My child succeeds, When they are able to move to the next level

Effective initial academic support

University in touch with real world

Able to assist and adapt students experience and skillset to becoming a teacher

Able to guide under multitude of situations