BGSC Project

Mindmap for TCOM 4640

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BGSC Project by Mind Map: BGSC Project

1. Design Team Organization

1.1. Drafting Proposal

1.2. Creation of Mindmap

1.3. Acquisition of Additional Content

1.4. Distributing Work

2. Website Structure Planning

2.1. Rethinking and Redesigning hierarchy and organization

2.2. Mockup Illustration

2.3. Concept Approval

2.4. Creation of Google and Necessary Accounts

3. Website Development

3.1. All Content Acquired for Imaging

3.2. Imaging of Content

3.3. Stylizing of Design Items

3.4. Creation of CSS

3.5. Creation of Dreamweaver Pages

3.6. Adding Content

3.7. Preliminary Usability Test

4. Finalizing

4.1. Revisions from Preliminary Usability Test

4.2. Final Usability Test