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21st Century Systems for Personalized Learning by Mind Map: 21st Century Systems
for Personalized
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21st Century Systems for Personalized Learning

Learning and Technology

What should learning look like?

CO Content Standards

Access to, Collaboration, Presentation Skills, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Rubric, Invention, Self Direction

Tech skills

Where should learning resources reside?

What evidence of learning exists and where?

Electronic Portfolios, Slide Rocket?

Professional Development and Technology


Teacher survey



What will teachers need to know and be able to do


Tech skills

How do we know they've got it

What are we going to do when they don't

PD Plan

PD 21, Instructors: Greg & Ryan, March launch

Communications, School Fusion, Instructor: Greg, 101 Introduction to School Fusion Classroom - Web pages, Session 2, Session 3, Delicious, Instructor: Melanie, 101 Intro and Using Social Bookmarking, Flip Cameras, Instructor: John, 101 Introduction and Usage, 102 Editing with the Flip Software, Productivity, Instructors: Stephen, Derek, Ryan, Ideas: Syncing calenders, address books btwn home & school,

Collaboration, Google Docs, Instructor: Derek, 101 Introduction and Basic Navigation, 102 Intermediate Docs: Intro to Publishing and further features., 103 Classroom Integration, 104 Advanced Docs: Advanced Publishing, Embedding, and Surveys, SlideRocket, Instructors: John & Amos, 101 Creating New Presentations, 102 Working Elements: Images, Shapes, Tables, Charts, Swf and Video files, 103 Builds and Animations Library Slides and Slide Groups, 104 Creating and Editing Themes Adding a Hyperlink and Hover Tip Slide Notes & Audio, 105 Delivery and Distribution Publish to a Link Embedding a Presentation, iTunesU, Instructors: John & Derek, 101 Introduction and Operation, 102 Integrating the Service, 103 Publishing to iTunes

Critical Thinking, Student Response System, Instructor: Stephen, 101 Clicker Basics, 102 Advanced Clickers / Classroom Application, Google Earth, Instructor: John, 101 Introduction and Basic Navigation, 102 Annotate Google Earth, 103 Add photos & image overlays in Google Earth, 104 Add views & perspectives in Google Earth, 105 Create a narrated tour in Google Earth, Discovery Streaming, Instructor: Ryan, 101 Introduction and Basic Function, Description & Evaluation, 102 Secondary Functions: Calender, STEM, etc., Description & Evaluation, 103 Classroom setup and advanced sharing functions, Description & Evaluation, 104 Creation: Adding your own instructional material and video, Description & Evaluation, Interwrite Boards, Instructor: Greg & Susan & Amos, Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Mindmeister, Instructors: Ryan & John, 101 Introduction and Basic Use, 102 Advanced Features and Integration

New node

Invention, Prezi

Camtasia PD Sessions

Administration/Supervision and Technology

Curriculum Maps



Delivery Methods

Content, CO Content Standards


Hardware, Audit Process Document, Classroom Configuration

Software/Cloud Apps, Google Earth, Google Docs, SchoolFusion, Discovery Streaming, Online Software Subscriptions, Google Earth, Visual Thesaurus, Slide Rocket, Voice Thread, Online Software Doc,, Student Email

Lesson Plan

Wider Community and Technology

Classroom Design




Network infrastructure

Support Structure


Teaching and Technology