A map to allow quick access to a range of teacher resources for members of the Middle Years of Schooling Association

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MYSA TEACHER MAP 2010-03-8 by Mind Map: MYSA TEACHER MAP 2010-03-8

1. Student Welfare and Classroom Management

1.1. Theories

1.1.1. Adolescence Neuroscience Video Resource: Inside the Teenage Brain Social Trends Generation Z

1.1.2. Positive Psychology Martin Seligman - TED Video University of Pennsylvania The Handbook of Positive Psychoiogy

1.2. Methods

1.2.1. Mentoring

1.2.2. Self-evaluation of Behaviour

1.2.3. Challenge-based Development Camp Programs Excursion Programs

1.2.4. Restorative Justice Kids Skills Sorry Letter

1.2.5. Goal Setting and Evaluation Student Led Conferences YouTube Video Resilience Audit Activity Sheets

1.2.6. Bullying Cyberbullying Web Warriors

1.2.7. Classroom Management Positive Routines Class Attention Homework Assignment Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Rate The Lesson Storage and Organisation

1.2.8. Mind Matters

2. Content-Specific Ideas

2.1. Science

2.1.1. Scientific Report Templates

2.2. Maths

2.3. English

2.3.1. Persuasive Pieces

2.3.2. Newspaper Articles

2.3.3. Poetry

2.3.4. Narratives

2.4. History

2.5. Health

2.6. Technology

2.7. The Arts

2.8. Technology

2.9. Religion

2.10. Literacy

2.10.1. Vocabulary Building

2.10.2. Paragraph Construction

2.10.3. Reading Strategies Top Level Structures Templates

2.10.4. Genres

3. Personal Career Tools

3.1. Planning, Record Keeping and Time Management

3.1.1. Online Tools Google Calendar To Do Lists

3.1.2. Teacher Diaries Innovative Teachers Companion

3.2. Teacher Resilience

3.3. Job Hunting


3.3.2. Government Queensland Victoria New South Wales South Australia Tasmania Northern Territory Australian Capital Territory Western Australia New Zealand

3.4. Postgraduate Studies

3.4.1. Masters Degrees University of Queensland Griffith University

4. Teaching Methods

4.1. Inquiry-based Learning

4.1.1. Planning For Inquiry Based Learning

4.1.2. Unit Templates

4.1.3. YouTube Demo

4.2. Collaborative Learning

4.2.1. Group Roles

4.2.2. Peer Tutoring

4.2.3. Cooperative Strategies

4.2.4. Group Planning

4.3. Thinking Techniques

4.3.1. Problem Solving Open Problems Closed Problems

4.3.2. Systems Thinking WebEd Creative Learning Exchange Isee Systems

4.3.3. Graphic Organisers Exploratree

4.3.4. Structuring Arguments

4.3.5. Philosophical Discussion

4.3.6. Teacher Questioning

4.3.7. Map of Online Collaboration Tools

4.4. Project-based Learning

4.4.1. Unit Templates

4.4.2. Planning Using Set Content Exploratree Template

4.5. Assessment

4.5.1. Self and Peer Evaluation

4.5.2. Rubrics/Criteria Sheets Rubric Creating Tool Detailed Guide For Writing Criteria Sheets

4.5.3. Folios

4.6. Research Skills and Information Literacy

4.6.1. Search Methods

4.6.2. Useful Databases Gapminder YouTube Demo

4.6.3. Referencing

4.6.4. Webquests Templates

4.7. Providing Student Voice

4.7.1. Negotiating Within Set Topics Unit Templates

4.7.2. Beane and Brodhagen Model Negotiation Mandala Unit Templates

4.7.3. Multimedia and Student Voice YouTube

4.7.4. Student Empowerment

5. Colleagues, Peers and the Broader Community

5.1. Colleagues

5.1.1. Sharing Resources File Storage and Sharing 4shared Google Docs

5.1.2. Team Planning

5.2. Parents

5.2.1. Complaint Management

5.3. Outside Help and Services