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CompTIA® Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) study guide mind map by Mind Map: CompTIA® Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) study guide mind map
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CompTIA® Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) study guide mind map

CompTIA CASP is a trademark of the Computing Technology Industry Association, Inc. Trademarks are properties of the holders, who are not affiliated with mind map author.


@Domain 1.1 - CASP® Exam Relevance

Asymmetric Encryption


Cipher Text

Code signing



Cryptographic Key

Cryptographic Solutions

Digital Signatures


Hash collision

Hash function


Hybrid Encryption




Plain Text

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Random numbers

Symmetric Encryption (Private-key cryptography)

Interactive Acronyms

Interactive CASP Acronyms

download CASP Acronyms

Exam domains

Domain 1.0: Enterprise Security

Domain 2.0: Risk Management, Policy and Procedure, and Legal

Domain 3.0: Research and Analysis

Domain 4.0: Integration of Computing, Communications, and Business Disciplines

Security Solutions

Domain 1.4 - CASP® Exam Relevance

Advanced Network Design

Secure Communication Solutions

Secure Facility Solutions

Secure Network Infrastructure Solutions


Domain 1.4 - CASP® Exam Relevance

Enterprise Security

Cloud Computing


Enterprise Storage

Host Security

Domain 1.5 - CASP® Exam Relevance


Asset Management

Data Exfiltration

Endpoint Security Software

Firewalls and Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Host-Based Firewalls

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS and IPS)

OS Hardening

Trusted Operating System

Application Security (AppSec) and Penetration Testing (PenTest)

Domain 1.6 - CASP® Exam Relevance

Application Security

Specific Application Issues

Application Security Framework

Standard Libraries

Secure Coding Standards

Application Exploits

Escalation of Privilege

Improper Storage of Sensitive Data

Cookie Storage and Transmission

Process Handling at the Client and Server

Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Steps

Assessment Types

Assessment Areas

Security Assessment and Penetration Test Tools

This freeware, non-commercial mind map was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion the CASP® certification and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain CASP® qualification. (please share, like and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact me for :-) Mirosław Dąbrowski, Poland/Warsaw.