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Output by Mind Map: Output

1. Printers

1.1. produces on a physical medium

1.2. nonimpact printers

1.2.1. Ink-jet printers spraying tiny drops on paper

1.2.2. Photo printers produces color photo-lab-quality pictures

1.2.3. Laser printers High quality & speed

1.2.4. Thermal printers heated pins

1.2.5. Mobile printers

1.2.6. Label & postage printers small printer stamps

1.2.7. Plotters high quality drawing

1.2.8. Large-formal printers lager scale

1.3. impact printers

1.3.1. Dot-matrix printer tine wire pins

1.3.2. Line printer prints an entire line at a time

2. Speakers,headphones,earbuds

2.1. produces sounds

2.2. headphones are outside of the ear

2.3. Earbuds are inside the ear canal

3. Tactile output

3.1. provides the user with a physical response from the device

4. Force-feedback game controllers

4.1. send resistance to the device in response to actions of the user

5. Data projectors

5.1. takes the text & images displaying on a computer screen

5.2. project text & images on a lager screen

6. Interactive whiteboards

6.1. touch-sensitive device

6.2. resembling a dry-erase-board

6.3. displays the image on a conected computer screen

7. Display devices

7.1. Visually conveys text,graphics,video information

7.2. monitor

7.2.1. LCD monitor uses a liquid compound depend primaly on Resolution Response time Brightness Dot pitch Contrast ratio

7.2.2. Widescreen