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Storage by Mind Map: Storage

1. Hard Disks

1.1. - Hard disks can store data using longitudinal recording or perpendicular recording

1.2. - A head crash occurs when a read/write head touches the surface of a platter

2. Flash Memory storage

2.1. A memory card

2.1.1. A removable flash memory device that you insert and remove from a slot in a computer

2.1.2. Example CompactFlash(CF) Secure Digital(SD) Secure Digital High Capacity(SDHC) MicroSD MicroSDHC xD Picture Card Memory Stick

2.1.3. USB Flash Drives Plug into a usb pory on a computer

3. Cloud Storage

3.1. User Subscribe to cloud storage for a variety of reasons

4. Types of Storage

4.1. Tape

4.1.1. Is a magetically coated ribbon of plastic capable of storing large amounts of data and information

4.2. Magnetic stripe cards and smart card

4.2.1. Countains a magenetic strip that stores information

4.3. Microfilm and microfiche

4.3.1. Store microscopic images of documents on a roll or sheet film

4.4. Enterprise Storage

4.4.1. Stores huge volumes of data and onformation for large businesses