Computer Careers and Centifivation

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Computer Careers and Centifivation by Mind Map: Computer  Careers  and Centifivation

1. Objectives Overview

1.1. List the benefits of certification for employers, employees

1.2. Identify ways to prepare for certification

1.3. List the general areas of IT certification

1.4. Name some specific IT certifications in various certification areas

2. The Computer Industry

2.1. A demand for computer professionals continues to grow

3. Careers in the Computer Industry

3.1. Job opportunities in the computer industry generally are available in one or more of these areas

3.1.1. Computer software field

3.1.2. IT consulting

3.1.3. Computer sales

3.1.4. Computer education and training field

3.2. Jobs in the IT department typically are divided into six main areas

3.2.1. Management

3.2.2. Technical services

3.2.3. Operations

3.2.4. Training

3.2.5. Security

3.3. The computer service and repair field provides

3.3.1. Preventive maintenance

3.3.2. Component installation

3.3.3. Repair services

3.4. Requires a knowledge of electronics

3.5. An IT consultant provides computer services to his or her clients

4. Preparing for a Career in the Computer Industry

4.1. A trade school typically offers programs in

4.1.1. Programming

4.1.2. Networking

4.1.3. Security

4.2. Three broad disciplines produce the greatest number of entry-level employees

4.2.1. Computer Information Systems

4.2.2. Computer Science

4.2.3. Computer Engineering

4.3. Job seekers can create a video resume

4.4. Conferences, conventions, and trade shows are a great way to stay aware of new products and services

4.4.1. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

4.5. Hundreds of computer industry publications are available

4.5.1. Computerworld

4.5.2. InfoWorld

4.5.3. PC Magazine

4.5.4. PC World

4.6. Web sites discuss or share opinions

4.6.1. Slashdot

4.6.2. The Register

4.6.3. AnandTech

5. New node

6. Certification

6.1. Computer certifications are available in these areas

6.1.1. Application software

6.1.2. Operating systems

6.1.3. Networking

6.1.4. The Internet

6.2. IT certifications can

6.2.1. Enhance employees’ careers

6.2.2. Increase professional standing

6.3. Professional organizations also offer certifications

6.4. Certifications are typically taken on a computer at a testing center

7. A Guide to Certification

7.1. Application Software Certifications

7.1.1. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)

7.1.2. Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

7.1.3. Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)

7.2. Operating System Certifications

7.2.1. IBM Certified Specialist

7.2.2. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

7.2.3. Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)

7.3. Hardware Certifications

7.3.1. A+

7.3.2. IBM eServer Certified Specialist

7.3.3. NACSE Hardware Technician

7.4. Database System Certifications

7.4.1. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

7.4.2. Sybase Certified Professional

8. Summary

8.1. Strong demand for computer and IT professionals

8.2. Certification preparation, examinations, and resources

8.3. Variety of available computerrelated careers

8.4. Specific certifications