Interactive Marketing using a group

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Interactive Marketing using a group by Mind Map: Interactive Marketing using a group

1. group members

1.1. join

1.1.1. online with cirip account with twitter account

1.1.2. by SMS

1.2. imported (clients/partners data imported from .xls files) - only in PRO groups

1.3. create sublists of members, defining specific tags

2. inform, discuss with members using multimedia messages in group space

3. group messages can be monitored by members by free SMS

4. polls for feedback/voting

5. quizzes for feedback/contests

6. launch SMS campaigns/ notifications - only in PRO groups (SMSs are paid)

6.1. for

6.1.1. sublists

6.1.2. all members

6.2. promote

6.2.1. services

6.2.2. products

6.2.3. events

6.3. mobile coupons

6.4. personalized messages based on a predefined syntax

7. organise events

7.1. book

7.1.1. online

7.1.2. SMS

7.2. multimedia messages during event/follow up

7.2.1. from f2f/distance attendees online SMS other apps

7.2.2. imported from twitter (specific tag) blogs (specific terms)

7.3. livestreaming

7.4. video titling with RT messages (.srt)

7.5. real-time polls

7.5.1. feedback

7.5.2. voting

7.5.3. marks for speakers

7.6. real-time wall

8. micro-payments - only in PRO groups

9. mobile ticketing- only in PRO groups

10. reports and analytics

10.1. network section lists each member participation

10.2. tagcloud

10.2.1. terms

10.2.2. tags

10.2.3. resources

10.3. demographics

10.4. online/SMS communication rates

10.5. group size and growth over time

11. send allerts by e-mail to members group

12. promote group

12.1. export notes to blog

12.2. widget with group messages

12.2.1. on own blog

12.2.2. on partners' blogs

12.3. info about join by SMS

13. publish info, materials, announcements in group description section