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programs, projects; pilot projects, by Mind Map: programs, projects; pilot projects,
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programs, projects; pilot projects,

Changing attitudes and behaviour; education:  Peter C; Katherine (social marketing) -  Infrastructure:  Daniel; Jason -  Built environment:  Jason, Naomi -  Municipal policy, practice and funding:  Steve, Jeff, Katherine -  transit:  Lilly -  winter:  Lilly -  programs, projects; pilot projects:  Pete P. -  local context:  everyone +  wider input -  the politics of making it happen:  Pete P..


Provide incentives to developers to leave as many existing

Active Living Resources

Sudbury Green Spaces

Climate Change and PLanning

Community through Transportation


ymca and seniors walking club!

Walking Support Materials

Doors Open

Peterborough: Monthly iwalk days

Walkability Road Show Sudbury

Mobility Ambassadors

mobility plans

Municipalities for Green Mobility

Sustainable Citys Case Studies

... and some great ideas too!

Sustainable Transportation Funding Programs

San Jose PLanning Wiki

nyc StreetsDesign

Complete Streets

Downtown Streetscape

complete streets


Teens in Cycling

Bike Week

Bike Advisory Recomendations

Urban Biking Videos

Vancouver Bike to Work Week

Share the Road Bike Safety

• Bicycle Rentals/Library - Out of Market Square on Weekends


Car free day

Car Resources

Car Share Program

New node

Baltimore free Bus

• "Car-Free Sundays/Saturdays"



Critical Mass

Community Involvement Committee

PlanIt Calgary

Collaborative Streets plans

People Make Parks

City Repair

Civic Engagement Place Matters

Safety, Accessibility (income based, all ages 8-80 Rule, and physical abilities), Aesthetics

Timelines How do we implement the recommendations over the next 5

o We need to encourage small developments in community centres in order to encourage networking and interactions among individuals residing in the same geographic area • Improved public spaces (places to sojourn...”no loitering” signs) Public Plaza program o "A public plaza

facilitate both walking and cycling in the city, additional pedestrian amenities such as benches or shade trees

• A high traffic and high profile flagship project could generate excitement and support for travelling by active methods (Metrolinx 2009). o Where can we put a flagship lane in Sudbury? - Road Diet (Sault Ste Marie rerouted truck and eliminated them from the main core of the city/waterfront)  Elm Street - Would solve Transit Terminal issues as well.

• Close Cedar, Durham and Larch to motorized traffic every Sunday from June 1 to Oct 31.

• Students and seniors: The city needs to work with the Boards of Education to develop safe means to walk to school.