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Computer In Everyday Life : Chapter 06 Output by Mind Map: Computer In Everyday Life : Chapter 06
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Computer In Everyday Life : Chapter 06 Output

Audio Output Device

Type of device




Most computer users attach speakers to their computers to

Generate higher-quality sounds for playing games

Interact with multimedia presentations

View movies

Display Devices

Type of display

Active-matrix display

Passive-matrix display

quality of an LCD monitor


Response time


Dot pitch

Contrast ratio

Type of display devices

Plasma monitors

CRT monitor

Other Output Devices

Data projectors

a device that takes the text and images displaying on a computer screen and projects them on a larger screen

Interactive whiteboards

a touch-sensitive device, resembling a dry-erase board, that displays the image on a connected computer screen

Force-feedback game controllers

sends resistance to the device in response to actions of the user

Tactile output

provides the user with a physical response from the device


Ink-jet printers

Photo printers

Laser printers

Thermal printers

Mobile printers

Label and postage printers


Largeformat printers