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Memory by Mind Map: Memory

1. Memory size is measured

1.1. kilobytes (KB or K)

1.2. megabytes (MB)

1.3. gigabytes (GB)

1.4. terabytes (TB)

2. Volatile memory

2.1. Loses its contents when power is turned off

2.2. Example includes

2.2.1. RAM Static RAM (SRAM) Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

3. Nonvolatile memory

3.1. Does not lose contents when power is removed

3.2. Examples include

3.2.1. ROM Read-only memory (ROM) refers to memory chips storing permanent data and instructions A PROM (programmable read-only memory) chip is a blank ROM chip that can be written to permanently

3.2.2. flash memory can be erased electronically and rewritten

3.2.3. CMOS technology provides high speeds and consumes little power

4. Memory cache

4.1. speeds the processes of the computer because it stores frequently used instructions and data

5. Access time

5.1. the amount of time it takes the processor to read from memory