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The Internet and world wild web by Mind Map: The Internet and            world wild web
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The Internet and world wild web

Objectives Overviws

-Explain how web pages use graphics,animation,audio,video,virtual reality and plug-ins

The Internet

is a worldwild collection of networks that links millions of businesses,goverment agencies,education institution and individuals

Evolution of the Internet

The Internet originated as ARPANET in September 1969 and had two main goals

Each organization is responsible only for maintrianing its onw network

An access provider is a business that provides individuals and organizations access to the Internet free or for a fcc

The World Wide Web

-consists of a worldwide collection of eletronic documents

-A web site is a collection of related wed pages and associated item

-A web server is a computer that delivers requested web pages to your computer

-Wed 2.0 refers to web sites that provide a means for users to internet

-There are thirteen types of web sites


E-commerce is a businecs transaction that occursover an electronic network

-M-commerce identifies e-commerce that takes place using mobile devices

-B2C / B2B / C2C

Other Internet Services

-E-mail is the transmission of message and file via a computer network

-IM is a real-time Internet communications service


is the code of acceptable Internet behavior