My Electronic Yearbook

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My Electronic Yearbook by Mind Map: My Electronic Yearbook

1. I remember when me, Amya, Jada, and Madison was walking around the school and dancing we was having so much fun. Also I remember when I was singing with my friends while watching the Apollo.Then I remember going on a field trip and I had to do this hard activity where you go across this thing in the air.

2. At first I was apart of the apollo and I was in the group TLC I was left eye but then the girls was making me mad by changing the moves al the time. Plus to me are dance wasnt that good so I quit.

3. I won best smile in the 8th grade mock Elections,I had to take a picture for the yearbook.

4. I was a main starter and practices got me in shape and. I was enjoying being with my team and acting silly, I miss them days so bad now.

5. The boys basketball team loss the championship & I was cheering for them

6. Cheer Competition

6.1. It was are first competition ever and are dance was so cool and we was killing it

6.2. We won 4th place

7. Basketball Season

7.1. We was winning and playing games really well

8. Championship

9. Apollo

10. Mock Election

11. 8th Grade Memories

12. 8th grade dance

12.1. Am gonna be so pretty at the dance and am gonna have so much fun.

13. Graduration

13.1. Am gonna gradurate and after am gonna go celebrate maybe out to eat and am gonna say goodbye to my friends.

14. Cedar Point

14.1. Am gonna get on all the rides

15. 8th grade barbeque

15.1. Gonna take lots of pics with my friends and just celebrate going off into highschool. We gonna eat and to and be silly and have fun.

16. 8th Grade Clap Out

16.1. Its gonna be sad am gonna be crying and stuff and my friends gonna be crying to.

17. Skating Party

17.1. Am gonna be skating and we gonna lazer tag.

18. 8th grade Picture Day