LANCELOT Online Campus Editorial Strategy

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LANCELOT Online Campus Editorial Strategy by Mind Map: LANCELOT Online Campus Editorial Strategy

1. Articles/ blogs around the recordings

1.1. Articles with embedded video tutorials and transcripts on "how to..."

2. Teaching Material for the virtual classroom to save teachers time

2.1. Material for the Virtual classroom

2.2. PowerPoint slides with teaching and learning activity

2.3. A list of ready-made lesson plans for the live online lessons

2.4. Digital teaching material like audio files

2.5. Self-study material for the students


3.1. "How to solve/ fix..." video tutorials

3.1.1. Creating a knowlegebase with video tutorials

3.1.2. Explaining what equipment is best to buy

3.2. "How to use" video tutorials

3.2.1. Virtual classrooms

3.2.2. Second Life

3.2.3. Games, webquests and fun

3.3. Event recordings

3.3.1. Virtual conference

3.3.2. Product presentations

3.3.3. EU project dissemination


4.1. Courses

4.1.1. Virtual classroom technology

4.1.2. Second Life

4.1.3. Games, webquests and fun

4.1.4. Tandem-Learning and peer-to-peer activity

4.1.5. Blogs, wikis and RSS

4.1.6. Podcasts

4.1.7. Tools for grammar and vocabulary learning

4.1.8. Invitation and class management

4.1.9. How to create courses in Moodle

4.1.10. LANCELOT Course LANCELOT certificate for language teachers LANCELOT PLUS for head of schools

4.2. Tech Support

4.2.1. Help with fixing PC problems

4.2.2. Student check-in

4.2.3. Technical issues with webcam and microphones

4.3. Events

4.3.1. Virtual conference

4.3.2. Product Presentations

4.3.3. EU Projekt Info Dissemination

4.3.4. "On demand" or invited guest speakers

4.3.5. Pecha Kucha (Speedy presentations)