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Animation by Mind Map: Animation

1. Timeline

1.1. Intro

1.1.1. 10 seconds for the title of animation and transitions

1.2. Beginning

1.2.1. 20 seconds for the beginning it will contain the first scene of my animation which is used to introduce the audience to the main character

1.3. Middle

1.3.1. 25 seconds Goes to second scene then begins battle scene

1.4. End

1.4.1. 15 seconds fight over proceed to end credits

2. Background

2.1. Intro

2.1.1. This will start out green and by using frames I will manually draw a transition to full yellow.

2.2. First scene background

2.2.1. This will be where the main character lives and since it is a paradox parody meaning that instead of the original character, I will be using the Pokémon of the main character which is called Pikachu.

2.3. Second scene background

2.3.1. This will be for the next scene which will be the fight scene since the character will be walking through some grass which will then get attacked by another Pokémon.

2.4. Third scene background

2.4.1. This will be the ending scene for my animation as it will show the main characters walking away so this background will be for the credits too.

3. Ideas

3.1. Animation Name

3.1.1. Pokémon Paradox Use this as final animation name

3.1.2. Pokémon - Alternative Universe

3.2. My own Pokémon design

3.2.1. Looks Based on a mushroom but is 4 or 5 mushroom stems stuck together to make one body, with eyes and a mouth on each stem end.

3.2.2. Name Mushloom

3.2.3. Features Poison is its only weapon

3.2.4. Attack styles Hypnosis

3.3. Battle

3.3.1. Team Rocket Jessie Mushloom

3.3.2. Pikachu Ash Ketchum

3.4. Scenes

3.4.1. Home town Outside of town

4. Colour Scheme

4.1. Background

4.1.1. Sky Blue Dark Blue White

4.1.2. Grass Green Dark Green

4.1.3. Buildings White Red Blue Yellow

4.1.4. Rocks Brown Dark Brown

4.1.5. Lake Blue Light Blue

4.1.6. Highlights White Light Grey Light Blue

4.1.7. Shadows Black Dark Grey