Bob Ewell

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Bob Ewell by Mind Map: Bob Ewell


1.1. racism

1.1.1. ‘i seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my mayella!’ - chapter 17 a coward - 'he’d never have met you face to face’ chapter 29 Explain

1.2. no respect for others

1.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain

1.2.2. Quote or Evidence ( Including page #) Explain

1.3. person who holds grudge

1.3.1. ‘it was miss Stephany Crawford’s pleasure to tell us: ‘this morning mr. bob dwell stopped Atticus on the post office corner, spat in his face, and told him he’d get him if it took the rest of his life’ - chapter 22,23 Explain

1.4. violent

1.4.1. ‘he pointed with a long forefinger. a shiny clean line stood out on the dull wire. ‘bob Ewell meant business’’ there are many events that lead up to the belief that Bob Ewell is very violent such as Bob hurting his daughter, Bob trying to hurt scout and the list goes on. i believe the reason why he is like this is because he drinks a lot and he is very poor and less foutunite which makes him angry.


2.1. Cowardly

2.1.1. '"Low-down skunk with enough liquor in him to make him brave enough to kill children. He'd never have met you face to face."' (page 296) Bob Ewell is to cowardly to face Atticus so instead he goes for his children, in the dark when they are alone - an act no man with a shred of courage would even think about doing.

2.2. Abusive

2.2.1. '"Except when he's drinking?" Said Atticus so gently that Mayella nodded."Does he ever go after you?"' (page 202) Atticus tries to prove in the courthouse that Mayella is abused by her father

2.3. Uneducated

2.3.1. '"That's m'name, cap'n"' (page 189); '" - I seen that black nigger down younger ruttin' on my Mayella!"' (page 190); From the way Bob Ewell talks in a highly formal situation (in the courthouse) and the fact that it did not occur to him to call a doctor when he supposedly saw Mayella being abused by Tom, it can be concluded that Bob Ewell is an uneducated man. This is supported by the fact that he is unemployed.


3.1. dangerous, evil figure

3.1.1. ‘helen went to work next morning and used the public road. nobody chunked at her, but when she was a few yards beyond the dwell house, she looked around and saw mr. dwell walking behind her… mr.ewell kept the same distance behind her until she reached mr. link deas’s house. all the way to the house, helen said, she heard a soft voice behind her, crooning foul words.’ - chapter 27

3.2. a drunk

3.2.1. ‘don’t like to contradict you, mr. finch, bob dwell wasn’t crazy, mean as hell. low-down skunk with enough liquor in him to make him brave enough to kill children.’ - chapter 29 Explain

3.3. low in society

3.3.1. ‘poor white trash' Explain


4.1. Quality

4.1.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain

4.2. Quality

4.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain

4.3. Quality

4.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including page #) Explain


5.1. Concern

5.1.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

5.2. Concern

5.2.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

5.3. Concern

5.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain

5.4. Concern

5.4.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Explain


6.1. Fear

6.1.1. "You don't have to touch her, all you have to do is make her afraid, an' if assault ain't enough to keep you locked up awhile, I'll get you in on the ladies' law, so get outa my sight!" (page 272) This quote is after the trial and shows that he is still scared of the law, even though he thinks he is above it. This quote also shows that after the trial people are now still unhappy with his presence but he expected to become a hero

6.2. Racism

6.2.1. "He stood up and pointed his finger at TomRobinson. '—I seen that black n_g_er yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella!'" (page 188) This shows that he doesn't have any respect for the colored members of the community and that he feels as though he is above them.

6.3. Self preservation

6.3.1. "Who beat you up? Tom robinson or your father?' No answer 'What did your father see in the window, the crime of rape, or the best defense to it? Why don't you tell the truth, child? Didn't Bob Ewell beat you up?' (page 204) In this quote it shows that Bob Ewell has done his best to train Mayella to tell his version of events, even though they are completely untrue. He holds his self preservation above the truth and the well-being of his daughters.