Discrepancy between Global Marketing and Globalization of Marketing Activities

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Discrepancy between Global Marketing and Globalization of Marketing Activities by Mind Map: Discrepancy between Global Marketing and Globalization of Marketing Activities

1. When?

1.1. Word borned in the 50's

1.1.1. Used in war strategies

1.1.2. Localized the war

1.2. Marketing meaning in the 80's

2. Global Marketing's Concepts by scholars

2.1. Coordinates and integrates (Johansson)

2.1.1. Standardized Products

2.1.2. Uniform Packaging

2.1.3. Identical Brand Names

2.1.4. similar advertisement

2.2. Focus on global market opportunities and threats (Keegan and Green)

2.3. "World has no center" (Champy)

2.3.1. Value cultural and ethnic diversity

2.4. Tailoring instead of standardizing (Porter)

2.4.1. Necessity of adaptation

2.4.2. Not a global perspective

2.5. Focusing the ressources and objectives on Global Market Opportunities (Keegan)

2.5.1. Growth and expansion

2.5.2. Survival

3. The thoughts about Global Marketing

3.1. Globalization trends are emerging

3.2. Must operate as if the world was a large market


3.3. If not, companies will become victims of the others

4. What you MUST remember as a Manager

4.1. Whatever the strategy you use

4.1.1. "The key issue to success is the understanding of why the consumers are going to want the firm's product in each market."

5. What does influence the Globalization of marketing activities?

5.1. Categories of Market

5.1.1. Homogeneous needs

5.1.2. Global customers

5.1.3. Global Channels

5.1.4. Transferable Marketing

5.2. Competition

5.2.1. Interdependence between countries

5.2.2. Interdependence between competitors

5.3. Cost

5.3.1. Economies of scale

5.3.2. Economies of scope

5.3.3. Product development costs

5.3.4. Differences in country costs and skills

5.4. Government

5.4.1. Compatible technical standards

5.4.2. Common marketing regulations

5.4.3. Favorable trade policies

6. The facts concerning Globalization of marketing activities

6.1. Lot of differences

6.1.1. Geographically

6.1.2. Culturally

6.1.3. "Markets are people, not products. There may be global products, but there are no global people."

6.1.4. About values

6.1.5. About global customers' needs

7. A compromise: Glocal Marketing

7.1. maximize Marketing Activities

7.1.1. Standardization

7.1.2. Homogenization

7.1.3. Similarity

7.1.4. Diffusion

7.1.5. Dependance

7.1.6. Synchronization

7.1.7. Integration