E-Learning Community Structure: 5 Key Learning Questions

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E-Learning Community Structure: 5 Key Learning Questions by Mind Map: E-Learning Community Structure: 5 Key Learning Questions

1. What do e-leaders need to know?

1.1. difference between PLC and E-LC

1.2. integration from PLC to E-LC structure

1.3. establish a teaming structure

1.3.1. district level

1.3.2. school level

1.3.3. team roles and responsibilities

1.4. purpose of E-LC

1.5. interactive and participatory tools to engage e-leaders

2. How will e-leaders learn it?

2.1. Deployment Plans attached

2.2. participation in external e-LCs

2.2.1. TAC Advisory

2.2.2. DLA Virtual Office Hours

2.2.3. GO LIVE Project lead

2.2.4. Superintendent e-LCs

2.2.5. Principal e-LCs

2.3. Teams have been formed

2.4. Clear expectations and expected outcomes

2.5. Best in class e-LC solutions

2.5.1. participate in focused learning activities in the GO LIVE Site videos comments on site Google Forms Twitter Voice Thread

2.6. e-LC book study

3. How will we know that e-leaders learned it?

3.1. completed comment posts

3.2. Deployment plans posted and monitored

3.3. sharing models and best practices by posting to LEA Solutions Google Form

3.4. Completed activities

3.4.1. blog posts comments

3.4.2. Google Forms

3.4.3. Discussion forum

3.5. Report outs during external e-LCs

4. What will we do if e-leaders don't learn it?

4.1. training and coaching

4.1.1. virtual

4.1.2. face-to-face

4.2. revisit MOA

4.3. re-evaluate expected outcomes and goals

4.4. Go and Grab modular pieces from Google Site

4.5. one-on-one coaching

5. What will we do if e-leaders already know it?

5.1. opportunities to lead external e-LC

5.2. share models and best practices

5.2.1. e-LC structure

5.2.2. 21st century tool integration

5.3. contribute to content creation and design

5.4. lead external book study with Project leads