Raven's Great Adventure

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Raven's Great Adventure by Mind Map: Raven's Great Adventure

1. Original Version

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. Forest in the arctic

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. Raven scheming smart

1.2.2. Houskana smart

1.3. Big Idea / Lesson

1.3.1. Karma

1.3.2. Don't pull a scam more than once because people will catch on

1.3.3. There are tricksters you need to watch out for.

1.4. Problem

1.4.1. Raven in the sea to play tricks

1.5. Resolution

1.5.1. Jaw gets taken off

2. A Modern Version

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. Street

2.2. Characters

2.2.1. Salesman

2.3. Big Idea / Lesson

2.3.1. There are tricksters you need to watch out for.

2.4. Problem

2.4.1. A bad salesamn is tricking people

2.5. Resolution

2.5.1. Conning the salesman, but Raven dresses up as a cop and gets it all back

2.6. New node

3. New node