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Causes Of Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Causes Of Globalization 3.0
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Causes Of Globalization 3.0


Sending of jobs and corporations over seas.

One of the leading causes of Globalization.


Another leading cause of Globalization.

The ability for everyone to have an opinion about anything on-line.

Helped everyone be connected on-line.


The ability to find almost every possible question through search engines.

Another leading cause of Global

Another leading cause of Globalization.


Businesses way of giving new tasks and jobs to current personell.

Competes against Offshoring.

Better for the whole nation.

Supply Chaining

Helped with the process of shipping and developing products for markets.

Brought together different countries due to the large demand of cheap goods., Large corporations like Wal-Mart and Sams Club capitalized on the large demand., New node

New technology was needed to ship products more efficiantly.


The use of wireless devices such as Cell phones to stay connected at anytime, any where.

Steriods have rapidly expanded during the past 10 years.

Another leading cause of Globalization.

Work Flow Software

Computers are able to talk to one another due to technological advancements.

This helped people in one area talk to people in another., New node

People were no longer neccessary to look over the computer programs.


Another leading cause of Globalization.

Global system of linked computer networks helping people talk to one another.

Helped major corporations expand over seas and still be effecient.

Has other forms of globalization tied into it., Other forms such as In-Forming, Work Flow Software, and Steriods are connected due to the Internet.

End Of Cold War

The fall of the Berlin wall.

Occured November 9th, 1989., New node

Led to the flattening of the World.

Affected countries other than Russia and Germany like India and China.

End of Communism.

New markets for products to be made and shipped to.