Causes of Globalization 3.0

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Causes of Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Causes of Globalization 3.0

1. Cold War

1.1. Berlin Wall seperated East Berlin from West Berlin. One side capitalism and the other side communism.

1.1.1. Capitalism based on private ownership and communism is socialism abolishing private ownership.

1.2. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a flattener because it opened up economies that we did not have before.

2. Internet

2.1. Is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

2.2. Allowed people to open up the world to access more information than ever before.

2.3. The internet is a flattner because it was the first time you could communicate or share ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime you wanted.

2.4. The internet is a key player in the global supply chain.

3. Workflow Software

3.1. The workflow software was a flattener because it allowed people to to communicate from differnet parts of the world through techology advancements.

4. Uploading

4.1. When a file or software is transferred from a computer to a central server.

4.2. This makes the business life easier so they could send files and information to other companies faster and easier.

5. Outsourcing

5.1. The computer, the internet, and the fiber-optic cable formed outsourcing

5.2. Business operations and various works of information can be outsourced anywhere in the world.

6. Offshoring

6.1. Work is offshored in order to reduce labor expenses.

6.2. Offshoring is a leading cause of globalizion- it is sending jobs and things to be created abroad

6.3. The concept of offshoring has contributed to Globalization 3.0 by allowing small businesses to have people working for them for a very cheap price.

7. Supply-chain

7.1. Walmart- is the largest retail company to have a supply chain

7.2. A supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service.

7.3. Global Optimization- A way for companies to look for the cheapest possible way to ship goods.

8. Insourcing

8.1. The business practice of using current personell or resources for new tasks and projects

9. Informing

9.1. Is the ability to build and deploy your own personal supply chain-a supply chain of information, knowledge, and entertainment

9.2. Informing has allowed people to use the computer to look at the world and find exactly what they want.

9.3. Informing is the information that search engines hold.

10. Steriods

10.1. Wireless devices in the world today have become increasing more efficient and accesisble to almost everyone.

10.2. The most used wireless devices are cell phones, laptops, and ipods.