The Dream Catcher

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The Dream Catcher by Mind Map: The Dream Catcher

1. Original

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. Grandmothers House

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. Grandmother Smart, Caring

1.2.2. Spider Smart, Helpful

1.2.3. Grandson Young

1.3. Problem

1.3.1. Boy trying to kiil the spider

1.4. Big Idea/ Lesson

1.4.1. Giving The grandmotherr gave the spider more time to live and the spider gave the grandmother a dream catcher

1.5. Solution

1.5.1. Grandmother stops the grandson

2. Modern

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. Store

2.2. Characters

2.2.1. Kooya

2.2.2. Hannah

2.2.3. Kooyas Friends

2.3. Problem

2.3.1. Kooya gets jealous of Hannahs skills He tries to take it back

2.4. Big Idea/Lesson

2.4.1. If you have something that bothers you, just tell that person Kooya get jealous of Hannah so she tries to make herself better

2.5. Solution

2.5.1. The spider tells the grandmother, so she hid it somewhere where the dad can't find it.