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Waste and Consumption by Mind Map: Waste and Consumption
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Waste and Consumption

Initial Problem

climate change, floods

Questions to answer

How to get rid of waste and rethink consumption?

Meaning: What waste means for the people in ....?

General Waste related Observations (Contextmapping)

Improvised and surprising Solutions?

Historical Era Analysis: How Waste is perceived in the context of time?

Cultural barriers to transition?

Why do we care about it?

people getting ill... etc.

Resources left to check

YouTube Playlist with Waste Initiatives

Task (according to Schneider)

take radical user perspective (Ask other people, how they deal with ...)

How can we overcome the "I am not concerned" attitude?

adress problem + generate economy --> evolve DT-Approach

"Culture generates Economy" (or the other way around)

Categories for classification of Waste Initiatives

Inluence Human Behavior



Causes/Trigger/Motivations for Initiatives

Preferenced Criteria



Schneider Mail extern: intern: garbage clan

Description: Information exchange of "uncorny" waste initiatives and creative/innovative ideas on consumption.

Vision: The establishment of a worldwide idea-sharing platform for waste initiatives with a high degree of novelty.