PBL 5 session 3

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PBL 5 session 3 by Mind Map: PBL 5 session 3

1. Step 9

1.1. Review session 2

1.2. mechanism flow chart

1.3. 20 minutes

2. Step 10

2.1. Management

2.1.1. goals of manegment eradication of the infection inhance immunity symptomatic reliefe obtimizeing HAART therapy improve QOL to keep viral load below 40 decrese 10 folds in 4-8 weeks

2.1.2. antiretroviral indication for HAART therapy below 350 cd4 aportinistic infection other co-morbidity analogs and non analogs can be comined with proties inhibitors important in treating diarhea HAART can cause diarrhea crofemale intry - intigrasw inhibitors 2 NRTIs recomanded SE treatment faliure consider adherance of patient resistants role out oportinistic infection and bone marrow supression drug - drug interaction inhibit Cytocrome p450 HAART should not stop , when stoped patient devolop resistant .. if all tratment is failing , with all regiems go to palliative care increasing the QOL

2.1.3. antimicrobial nitazoxanide limited efficacy erradication cd4 more than 200 antiparasitic aminoglycosides

2.1.4. supportive symptomatic reliefe palliative therapy team care antimotility agents social care psychiatric consultation

2.2. Prevention

2.2.1. primary crypto good hiagen disposal of contaminated materials boil water prophylactic for HIV patients HIV SEXUAL BLOOD mother to baby EDUCATION

2.2.2. secondary monetoring for cd4 counts eraly detection for infection blood donation screening PROPER MANEGMENT prophylactic medication

2.2.3. tertiary

2.3. 60 minutes

3. step 11

3.1. Review and evaluate

3.2. Group members

3.3. Chairman

3.4. Scribe

3.5. Tutor

3.6. Material

3.7. 10 minutes