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VERBS by Mind Map: VERBS

1. Present

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. Affirmative Exemple: I read

1.1.2. Negative Exemple: I don't read

1.1.3. Questions Exemple: Do I read?

1.2. Continous

1.2.1. Affirmative Exemple: I am looking at the stars

1.2.2. Negative Exemple: I'm not looking at the stars

1.2.3. Questions Exemple: Am I looking at the stars?

2. Present Perfect

2.1. Affirmative

2.1.1. Exemple: I have written my letter.

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Exemple: I haven't written my letter

2.3. Questions

2.3.1. Exemple: Have you written your letter?

3. Past

3.1. Simple

3.1.1. Regular Affirmative I visited the museum. Negative I didn't visit the museum. Interrogative Did you visit the museum?

3.1.2. Irregular Be: was/were

3.2. Continous

3.2.1. Affirmative I was running

3.2.2. Negative I wasn't running

3.2.3. Interrogative Were they running?

4. Future

4.1. Will

4.1.1. Affirmative I will walk

4.1.2. Short form I'll walk

4.1.3. Negative I won't walk

4.1.4. Interrogative Will I walk?

4.2. Going to

4.2.1. Affirmative I am going to help

4.2.2. Short form I'm going to help

4.2.3. Negative I'm not going to help

4.2.4. Interrogative Am I going to help?

5. Modals

5.1. Can

5.1.1. Affirmative: I can go to NY.

5.1.2. Negative: You can't go to the toilet.

5.1.3. Interrogative: Can I go to the toilet?

5.2. May

5.2.1. Affirmative: I may go.

5.2.2. Interrogative: May I go?

5.3. Could

5.3.1. Affirmative: Yes, I could.

5.3.2. Negative: I couldn't ask you something.

5.3.3. Interrogative: Could you ask me something?