Apollo and the Art of Archery

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Apollo and the Art of Archery by Mind Map: Apollo and the Art of Archery

1. What (topical)

1.1. Intro: the wrath of Apollo

1.1.1. "Let the girl go" Helen, Chryseis, Briseis Nestor's advice "red-stained ivory"

1.1.2. The Plan of Zeus

1.2. The Iliad

1.2.1. part 1: The Immortal Hero The Quarrel Nestor and Odysseus, Thersites Agamemnon's council Diomedes & the Gods Athena Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares 100 oxen for 9 Embassy to Achilles

1.2.2. part 2: The Plan of Zeus Agamemnon - Menelaos Not far enough - too far the Deception of Zeus Zeus asleep? "Counterattack" Patrocles

1.2.3. part 3: The Mortal Hero the Birth of Heracles the Shield Achilles' aristeia Hector

1.3. the Good, the True, the Beautiful... and Justice

1.3.1. Homer's gods: "What we obey"

1.3.2. Paris' judgement, Achilles' judgement

1.3.3. fear, shame

1.3.4. The Plan of Zeus, Justice

1.3.5. Plato

2. When & Where (historical)

2.1. Renaissance and Reform

2.1.1. political: the new polis "dark age", stasis military reform Phoenician model? a conscious use of myth and religion for the purpose of ordering society westward & black sea emigration

2.1.2. Religious Delphi, Apollo Regional gods & heroes Homer & Hesiod's gods creation myths Titans, heroes and up/downward marriages

2.2. (Charter) Myths

2.2.1. Sparta

2.2.2. Poseidon, the Neleids

2.2.3. the Ionian migration & Helen

2.3. Ionia and Lydia

2.3.1. Smyrna & Milete, Sardis

2.3.2. Other sources: Mimnermus, Herodotus

3. How (poetical)

3.1. The Singer

3.1.1. aoidic style, epithets, typical scenes, formula's

3.1.2. type, character and 'position' Agamemnon's council / 9 little birdies Old king, young king: Agamemnon, Menelaos Old, young(er) advisor: Nestor, Odysseus Old, young warrior-hero: Idomeneus, Diomedes Greater, lesser Aias: Telamonides, Oileus And the mother-bird, Achilles It's not about character, it's about Fate Position (rank, status, gender)

3.1.3. Layers there is a subtext Irony

3.2. Structures

3.2.1. geometrics ring composition, balanced expansion, catalogues

3.2.2. the "Chimaera" model 3 parts: Diomedes, Patrocles, Achilles 4 legs: Embassy & Assembly 4x, + Dios Apate

3.2.3. stitched verse: alterations in the structure?

3.3. Apollo Silverbow: Poetry, prophecy, healing

3.3.1. bow & lyre, 'winged words'

3.3.2. persuasive rhetoric enthousiasm, pity and fear pathos & the story arc small-scale "fates" large scale: realism, fantasy climax

3.3.3. Achilles (Patr.) the healer

4. Who (hypothetical)

4.1. Self-reflection in Iliad and Odyssey

4.1.1. The Odyssey's discussion of the Iliad

4.1.2. What the singer does: Proteus

4.1.3. Fantasy & Reality, Lie and Truth

4.1.4. Odysseus

4.2. Smyrna, Melesigenes

4.3. Chios, Phoenix

5. Target (did he hit it?)

5.1. A King's mirror

5.2. Open Society

6. Intro

6.1. Axiom: The Iliad is a unity and we have it roughly the way it was conceived

6.2. to be shown: While set in a mythical past, it is about contemporary issues. It's a healing poem (paean).