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Verbs by Mind Map: Verbs

1. Present

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. Affirmative You speak English

1.1.2. Negative You don't speak English.

1.1.3. Interrogative Do you speak English?

1.2. Continuous

1.2.1. Affirmative You are watching TV.

1.2.2. Negative You aren't watching TV.

1.2.3. Interrogative Are you watching TV?

2. Past

2.1. Simple

2.1.1. Affirmative You called Paula

2.1.2. Negative You didn't call Paula

2.1.3. Interrogative Did you call Paula?

2.2. Countinuous

2.2.1. Affirmative You were studying when she come

2.2.2. Negative You weren't studying when she come.

2.2.3. Interrogative Were you studying when she come?

3. Present perfect

3.1. Affirmative

3.1.1. You have seen that movie many times.

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. You haven't seen that movie many times.

3.3. Interrogative

3.3.1. Have you seen that movie many times?

4. Future

4.1. Will

4.1.1. Affirmative You will have perfected

4.1.2. Negative You will haven't perfected

4.1.3. Interrogative Will you have perfected?

4.2. Going to

4.2.1. Affirmative You are going to have perfected

4.2.2. Negative You aren't going to have perfected

4.2.3. Interrogative Are you going to have perfected?

5. Modals

5.1. Can

5.2. May

5.3. Must

5.4. Could

5.5. Should