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Verbs by Mind Map: Verbs

1. Past

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. Affirmative: He played football.

1.1.2. Negative: They didn't play football.

1.1.3. Interrogative: Did You play football ?

1.2. Continuos

1.2.1. Affirmative: He was playing football.

1.2.2. Negative: They weren't playing football.

1.2.3. Interrogative: Were you playing football ?

2. Present Perfect

2.1. Affirmative: I have go to the swimming pool.

2.2. Negative: He hasn't got to the swimming pool.

2.3. Interrogative: Has she go to the swimming pool?

3. Future

3.1. Will

3.1.1. Affirmative: I will go to New York.

3.1.2. Negative: He won't go to London .

3.1.3. Interrogative: Will you go to London?

3.2. Going to

3.2.1. Affirmative: You going to play football in Brazil.

3.2.2. Negative: I'm not going to play football in Spain.

3.2.3. Interrogative: Going to you play football in Berlin?

4. Modals

4.1. Can

4.1.1. Affirmative: I can play basketball.

4.1.2. Negative: I can't play football.

4.1.3. Interrogative: Can they play basketball?

4.2. May

4.2.1. Affirmative:

4.2.2. Negative:

4.2.3. Interrogative:

4.3. Would

4.3.1. Affirmative: I would like to play in NBA.

4.3.2. Negative: I wouldn't like to play in Europe.

4.3.3. Interrogative: Would like you to play in E.U.A ?

5. Present

5.1. Simple

5.1.1. Affirmative: I play basketball.

5.1.2. Negative: He doesn't play basketball.

5.1.3. Interrogative: Does she play basketball ?

5.2. Continuos

5.2.1. Affirmative: I'm looking the computer.

5.2.2. Negative: He is looking the computer.

5.2.3. Interrogative: Are you lookin the computer ?