What should I include in my film

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What should I include in my film by Mind Map: What should I include in my film

1. How?

1.1. I am going to go to the primary school at James Wolfe and Meridian school

1.2. Ask year 7 students

2. Deaf children

2.1. BSL Conversations

2.2. Deaf awareness

2.3. D.S.C

2.4. Deaf studies

3. Question

3.1. How you feel about big school?

3.2. Transport- How will you get to school?

3.3. What you like best subject?

3.4. when you go lunch time what do go outside?

3.5. Do you want go Clubs/activites

3.6. Do you like school classrooms?

3.7. What do you can subject work?

3.8. When you start second school Thomas Tallis?

3.9. when you leave James Wolfe school how you feels?

4. Why?

4.1. Because i want to know how feel about school

4.2. When primary school finish then move Thomas Tallis new student for Year 7

5. Resources

5.1. camera

5.2. tripod

5.3. electric

5.4. Time

5.5. Laptop apple mac

5.6. DVD disc

5.7. Lamp light

6. Who for?

6.1. Age 10-12

6.2. Deaf students

6.3. Future students

7. What for?

7.1. To help students changing from primary school to secondary school.

8. Cost

8.1. New node