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Special Education by Mind Map: Special Education
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Special Education

Developmental Disabilities

My main focus will be helping children with developmental disabilities.  My experience with this population has led me to believe that they are some of the kindest and most sincere children and adults.  Mainly I will be specializing on spectrum disorders such as autism.

Physical Disablities



One of motivations aspirations for working with special needs children is that I have always been interested in helping marginalized populations.  Discrimination against those with disabilities is not as overt as it used to be, but it still exists.

Public Perception

Past Experiences

I worked as a teacher at Opportunity Partners, a day program for adults with developmental and physical disabilities.  It made me realize that special education does not and should not stop after the K-12 curriculum.  For me, an effective education for special needs students should also prepare them for life as an adult.

Learning Disabilities

Job Outlook

According to the US Department of Labor, between 2006 and 2016, 479,000 new jobs will be created in the educational field.  As with any industry, specialists will be in high demand.  As a male in the educational field, I will benefit from being in a female dominated line of work.

New Developments

I included this node in the hopes that I can someday be able to learn about all of the new developments in the field of special education.  This is also a reminder to me that I do not know as much as I think I do.  There are always ways that I can expand my base of knowledge.

Achievements by Those with Disabilities

One of my fondest memories was my time working at a day center.  The Special Olympics had just happened and I saw the joy that all the participants experienced when they achieved something that, quite honestly, I may never be able to do. 

What Can You Do?

Just like any other kind of education, special education needs support from the community.  This node contains a link to a webpage that lists some resources for those who are interested in advocating for those who aren't able to do so for themselves.

Individualized Teaching

Equal Educational Opportunities