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person by Mind Map: person

1. concept from theology

1.1. the OTHER reflects the ultimate person, Son of god

2. existence in relationship

2.1. God exists as Father

2.1.1. gives birth to son

2.1.2. proceeds holy spirit

2.2. God as Trinity

2.3. does not exist like a power , like gravity, like a balance of things

2.3.1. impersonal essence

2.4. god is THE I AM

2.4.1. the ontological priority of person over essence freedom of god we are not the same, to us human essence is given to us.

2.5. New node

3. western view

3.1. the following are different with trinity

3.2. person is

3.2.1. center of consciousness moral agent subjectivity psychology

3.2.2. self body soul

3.2.3. individual citizen human rights

3.3. god is only essence

3.3.1. we cannot know HOW HE IS IN HIMSELF

4. modern view

4.1. relation

4.1.1. person exists in relation

4.1.2. person as participation

4.1.3. as interaction

5. freedom

5.1. ontological

5.1.1. movement for unity

5.1.2. equals love

5.1.3. movement to trancend

5.1.4. above necessity free self affirmation son calls father

5.2. not that I (ego) have choices a, b , c

6. human way

6.1. ecclesiastical existence

6.1.1. body of Jesus christ

6.1.2. eucharist new life based on Jesus , not on food on a person, not nessesity baprism chrismation

6.1.3. members of each other love the enemy

6.1.4. from the future the members of church practically not yet full person not perfect yet practical difficulties eternal life from now the church comes from the future

6.1.5. new person constituted in christ inclusive catholic eucharistic eschatological eternal communal

6.2. biological existence

6.2.1. eros ecstatic love contradicting love

6.2.2. neccesity

6.2.3. individualism death