mLab East Asia Ecosystem Vietnam

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mLab East Asia Ecosystem Vietnam by Mind Map: mLab East Asia Ecosystem Vietnam

1. Entrepreneurs - focus on venture backed tech startups, second-time entrepreneurs, local success stories and exits

1.1. VNG


1.3. VC Corp

1.4. VietnamWorks

1.5. Ticketbox

2. Business Enablers - focus on incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, professional service organizations, trainers

2.1. Co-working spaces - Start Center (, Hub.IT, Commune Hanoi, GekkoSpace

2.2. Accelerators - Silicon Valley Vietnam, Topica Founders Institute, VietYouth Entrepreneurs (VYE), Egg Agency, 5 Desire, You Net Ventures

2.3. Incubators - SHTP Innovation Center/SHBI, mLab East Asia, Becamex Tech Innovation Center (BTIC), AiTi

2.4. Professional Services/Consultants - KPMG, DFDL

2.5. Trainers - AiTi, VYE, Topica Founder's Institute, Open Consultant, Hatch, SHTP Microsoft Innovation Center, StartMeUp

3. Academia - focus on tech universities & mentors

3.1. Vietnam National University

3.2. FPT University

3.3. HCMC Department of Science & Tech

4. Organizers & Events - groups with focus on entrepreneurial mindset activities geared for startups

4.1. Organizers - Hatch, VietYouthEntrepreneurs, AiTi Aptech, mLab East Asia, 5 Desire. IDG Media, Startmeup, Hub.IT, SaigonHub

4.2. Events Annual - DEMO ASEAN, Vietnam Mobile Day, VYE Bootcamp, Startup Weekend (NEXT), BTIC Event, BarcampSaigon

4.3. Events monthly - Mobile Monday (MoMo), Agile Vietnam, StartmeUp, Web Wednesday, Hackathons random, Tech Talks itviec, MyProClub, Meetups random, DEMO Workshops

5. Policymakers & Government - focus on public agencies governing SMEs and those with innovation agendas

5.1. Donors Public Sector - Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST), People's Committee of HCMC, Fostering Innovation, Science, Research and Technology (FIRST)

6. Investors & Donors - focus on local and recycled capital investors, angel groups, venture capitalists with technology strategy

6.1. VCs - IDG Ventures Vietnam, DFJ VinaCapital, CyberAgent Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, Mekong Capital, Kusto Tiger IT Fund

6.2. Angels - Saavi, Hub.IT Cloud Funding

6.3. Serial Entrepreneurs - PVNI, AiTi, You Net Ventures,

6.4. Donors Aid Agencies - World Bank (Vietnam Inclusive Innovation Project - VIIP), InfoDev, USAID (Development Innovation Ventures - DIV), U.S. State Department [email protected], FORMIN/IPP, DFID

7. Media - focus on tech journalists, bloggers, websites, communication platforms, & organizational tools

7.1. InterNews, TechInAsia, IDG Media,, Techdaily,vn,,,, Cyclonize

7.2. Social media - Launch

7.3. Platforms -, TechGrind, Startupjobs.Asia,, StartupDigest

8. Big Technology Firms - focus on software, hardware/device, network & ICT providers

8.1. Device - Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, HTV, LG, Blackberry

8.2. Software - Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Facebook

8.3. Network - Veitel, Mobifone, Vinaphone

8.4. Outsourcing - FPT, TMA, Technologic Arts