Language Teaching

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Language Teaching by Mind Map: Language Teaching

1. Method

1.1. General Strategies

1.1.1. Roles Learner Learning tasks Control over the contents Usefulness found in the contents Teacher Functions to fulfill Influence over students' learning process Materials Taken form Assumptions made about learners and teachers

1.1.2. Design Objectives Organization

1.2. Activities implemented

1.2.1. Teaching activities

1.2.2. Learning Activities

2. Approach

2.1. One or several PARTICULAR strategies

2.1.1. Theory Of Language

2.1.2. Theory of Language Learning

2.1.3. Philosophical (Axiomatic) Types of Approaches

3. Procedure

3.1. Practices

3.1.1. Practical

3.2. Behaviours

3.2.1. Control

3.3. Techniques

3.3.1. Conditions