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Tribe Writers by Mind Map: Tribe Writers
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Tribe Writers

Module #1: Honing Your Voice

Every writer needs a tribe

Discover Your Writing Voice

Where Every Writer Has to Begin Before Being Successful

The Secret to Being a Good Writer & Why It Doesn’t Matter

How to Give Your Prose the Punch It Deserves

All First Drafts Suck

The Art of Writing with Brevity

Why Blogging Is a Lot More Like Copywriting than Writing the Next Great, American Novel

Carve Out a Niche for Yourself

Module #3 Expanding Your Reach

Don’t Write to Get Published (You Heard Me)

The Complete Guide to Guest Posting: Your #1 Marketing Strategy

How to Make Friends and Influence People — with Email

The Writer’s Guide to Networking

How to Tweet Your Way into Influence

Facebook Is Now Your New Best Friend

Module #4 Getting Published

The Fastest Way to Get a Book Deal

How to Get a Traditional Book Contract

Why a Traditional Contract Might Not Be Your Best Choice

How to Create an eBook that Changes the World

Getting Started with Kindle Direct Publishing

How to Publish a Print Book That Doesn’t Suck

Why You Need to Give Your Best Stuff Away for Free

Making Money Off Your Tribe without Selling Your Soul

Module #2 Establishing Your Platform

The New Way to Build a Platform

Which Type of Platform Is Right for You?

Finding Your Focus

The Only Way to Practice (in Public)

The Importance of Building a Killer Email List

Figuring out the Tools You Need to Start Building Your Platform

Do You Really Need a Platform?

The Only Words You Write that Everyone Is Guaranteed to Read