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Sarah Goals by Mind Map: Sarah Goals

1. 1 Improve our Learning Programme

1.1. goal

1.1.1. Focus on Art Assessment- how we can best feedback to our students.

1.1.2. Improve major projects to align with UWC mission - Sustainable Art/Art Activism

1.2. task

1.2.1. Restructure our student feedback/commenting to provide more benefit for our students.

1.3. success criteria (and evidence)

1.3.1. Will be able to apply to current projects/ half way reflections/half way project assessments. Measured by how the

1.4. pd

1.4.1. If possible a job-a-like session with Art teachers in Singapore.

1.5. Sector MS

2. 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning

2.1. goal

2.1.1. looking for learning with Art team, see how others teach. Make connections to students.

2.1.2. Discover how to best incorporate sustainable art projects and art activist projects in our curriculum.

2.2. task

2.2.1. Oct 10-12 2014 ARARTE workshop - I am leading a discussion with Art teachers working in Asian International Schools.

2.3. success criteria (and evidence)

2.3.1. New resources/ twitter links/ websites to make use of

2.4. pd

2.4.1. Look for a sustainable arts conference. Sustainability in Education.

3. 3 iLearn communications and platforms

3.1. goal -

3.1.1. To collaborate within our Art dept. To keep track of day to day consumable needs and general personal organization.

3.1.2. Use of Tapforms to assess student work. Document images and keep check on homework completion .

3.1.3. Communication of our projects to parents - eg. Use of video to record project developments.

3.2. task

3.2.1. Use of Todo to help us within the dept, shared folders, updated regular input

3.2.2. tapforms is used by all team members. format in MS is the same for both teachers

3.3. success criteria (and evidence)

3.3.1. team is informed of MS and HS developments and jobs are shared within the team evenly. transparency/ open communication between the team continues throughout the year. Team is happier and feels supported , workload is balanced.

3.4. pd

3.4.1. sessions with Steve on updates and new approaches to team communication or assessment tools.

4. Departmental Goals

4.1. Departmental goals all contribute to these not necessarily mentioned in the school goals - what would be a really positive thing to focus on? (one or three things)

4.1.1. 1 Displays - getting a presence of art all all over the school - Steve How?

4.1.2. 2 Todo - continue to use and improve Reduce list menu - put own work lists under each name - share this with everyone. Can then have other lists for own use. set task for Steve as practice

4.1.3. 3 Artist in Residency who should we get? SMn connect to all levels SMn Opportunities to enrich the curriculum LMG

4.1.4. 4 Drawing across the curriculum 5 mins per lesson (a suggestion)- quick start

4.1.5. 5 Licence for... (online test) responsible use of ceramic room design room regular classroom

5. From the May 2nd PD day

5.1. Personal goals

5.1.1. Sarah personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme New Sustainable Art project G7- refining this project. How to make it truely a sustainable project. (collaboration with other subject areas) 2 Create a Culture of Professional Learning Sharing of documents relevant to MS Art practice. MS student behaviours 3 iLearn communications and platforms Use of Teamie- learning this new platform.