Andrew Goals

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Andrew Goals by Mind Map: Andrew Goals

1. 1 Improve our Learning Programme

1.1. goal

1.1.1. ?

1.2. task

1.2.1. ?

1.3. success criteria (and evidence)

1.3.1. ?

1.4. pd

1.4.1. ?

2. 3 iLearn communications and platforms

2.1. goal - we will all be using Todo next year for collaboration and to be organized

2.1.1. ?

2.2. task

2.2.1. ?

2.3. success criteria (and evidence)

2.3.1. ?

2.4. pd

2.4.1. ?

3. Departental Goals

3.1. Departmental goals all contribute to these not necessarily mentioned in the school goals - what would be a really positive thing to focus on? (one or three things)

3.1.1. 1 Displays - getting a presence of art all all over the school - Steve How?

3.1.2. 2 Todo - continue to use and improve Reduce list menu - put own work lists under each name - share this with everyone. Can then have other lists for own use. set task for Steve as practice

3.1.3. 3 Artist in Residency who should we get? SMn connect to all levels SMn Opportunities to enrich the curriculum LMG

3.1.4. 4 Drawing across the curriculum 5 mins per lesson (a suggestion)- quick start

3.1.5. 5 Licence for... (online test) responsible use of ceramic room design room regular classroom

4. From the May 2nd PD day

4.1. Personal goals

4.1.1. Andrew personal goals 1 Improve our Learning Programme Working with hamish to align the G2 abd G3 units to fit with his units set for G4-5. we are currently looking at national and international curriculums to decide how to broaden learning in anticipation of having aa smooth exchange throughout each grade year on year 3 iLearn communications and platforms 2 Create a Culture of Professional Hamish and I are working towards new more refined classroom practice. We will look at PD opportunities to do this. I think a closer collaboration between us and our Ta's will improve the general feel of primary art. We also hope to have links with Sian and caroline at dover Andrew these are reflections on last year not goals for this coming year look at others 3 iLearn communications and platforms I have done nothing in this area. hamish bets has suggested ipads a learning tool and we will be initiating this in the first term of the new term in August. Also in discussion with David Kaleb. There may be a chance of me having some role in grades K1 to G1 which may inform further any early IT remits that G2 and G3 may encounter This would make a good goal