why attributes and attitudes are valued by employers

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why attributes and attitudes are valued by employers by Mind Map: why attributes and attitudes are valued by employers

1. Attributes are quality's or features of a person these can be positive or negative.

2. Attitudes are the way people think or feel strongly about something, their attitude can be seen by the way they talk or by the way they are acting.

3. Why are attributes valued by employers, they are valued depending on what role you would want at the company I mean if you are smart and are interested in getting a job in the financial department the employers would look at your attributes to see if you could be considered .

4. Why are attitudes valued by employers because employers want people who will work hard and keep on track they don't want to look for someone who has a lazy attitude who wont be working hard they will look for someone with experience someone who will be motivated and will be ready for anything that gets thrown at them.

5. Confidence someone who is confident believes they can do whatever it takes someone who believes they can do anything and is onto of their game this is valued because they want someone who is loud confident and can pick people moods up as well as lead a team and if you are not very confident employers might hesitate and may choose someone else who has the same qualifications because they have a better attitude. People can gain confidence by experience or even by compliments making them feel better and they will then be motivated.

6. Self Motivation Being self-motivated means being ready and that you are driven to succeed . It means that you are sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and that you are an open person who is willing to learn.Employers value this because people who are self motivated can get the job done and will continue to jump hurdles to get to the finish line.

7. Independence employers look for someone who is independent someone who can get the work done without any problems and doesn't need to be reminded what to do. They don't want someone who they have to constantly remind and help they need someone who is independent and one who they can rely on to get the job done when there not around.

8. Leadership Leadership is invaluable . Whether you are a CEO, a manager or a small business owner your ability to lead will determine the success. Employers look for someone who can lead and will engage with others and help them when they need it they look for someone who can lead a group without any problems and that is why leadership is invaluable. As you can go places allot quicker if you are a leader and confient.