The Raccoon Learns a Lesson

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The Raccoon Learns a Lesson by Mind Map: The Raccoon Learns a Lesson

1. Setting

1.1. Downtown Toronto

1.1.1. In the Kazan familys house

2. Modern Story

2.1. Summary

2.1.1. A man tricked a couple from Iran and they didn't know English

2.2. Charectar

2.2.1. Azanin Kazan Yashar Kazan Arian Kazan Married to Yashar

2.3. Jasper

2.3.1. Sneaky Mover

3. Original Story

3.1. Summary

3.1.1. There is a raccoon tha tricks two blind men into fighting with eachother, but in the end the raccoon is marked with black circles around his tail and his eyes to show that he is a bandit.

4. Summary

4.1. Jasper is a mover and he helps the Kazan family move into a house in downtown Toronto. The Kazan family had moved from Iran and Arians parents don't know English that well. Jasper stole at least two pieces of furniture every day until there was no furniture left. He had been telling Mr. and Mrs. Kazan that it had mysteriously gone missing. But what Jasper didn't know was that Arian the son had caught Jasper talking to his buddy over the phone about the furniture!! Arian had been taking English class in Iran so he understood what Jasper was saying so he quickly told his parents and the next day Jasper was found and arrested by the authorities!!